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Fashion Alert! How Hard Water Harms Your Clothing (And Your Style)

Hard Water can Affect Your Hair

If you’re living in the UK, there’s a reasonable chance you’re in an area of hard water. This post is about how hard water can affect how you look – without you even realising it. It may even be damaging your latest fashionable clothing! The horror!

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is when minerals such as salt, calcium and magnesium build up in water (due to the rain passing through soil and rocks) which can then cause all sorts of havoc in your home. The video below explains it better than I can – but it’s safe to say that hard water isn’t great for your home or health.

How Does Hard Water Affect How You Look

It’s natural that minerals exist in water – the problem is when there is too much magnesium and calcium. As water is heated, these minerals latch onto surfaces, which is why we get limescale.

This doesn’t just make your house look bad though. It can also mean that your hair won’t look as great, as hair washed in hard water tends to look dull and lifeless. If you’ve spent hours putting together your perfect wardrobe, there’s no point ruining it with dull hair!

Not only that, but it can also affect how your clothes look after washing. As you know, I’m a huge fashion fan and I love learning more about clothing – especially the latest fashions. This news came as a big shock to me!

Hard water may even affect your skin. Some people think that it can make your skin flaky and dry – although I’m not convinced it makes a huge difference.

What to do About Hard Water?

  • Look for clothing detergents that are made to counteract the effects of hard water. This will keep your latest clothes looking fresh and new.
  • Buy a kettle with a filter in it for making tea and coffee. If you get the best filter kettle, you’ll be able to brew however many teas you want throughout the day without worrying about taking in lots of hard water. You’ll also have less of a problem with limescale inside the kettle. I always use a kettle with a filter (preferably a Brita filter) and it makes a huge difference to both the taste and the maintenance of the kettle.
  • You can install a water softener for your home, which takes care of all the water outlets. This is expensive and can waste water, but is the best long-term solution.
  • If you have a coffee machine that doesn’t come with a filter (some do), try pouring white vinegar water through it every now and again (although this could affect the taste of the coffee).
  • Use a solution to get rid of calcium build up in pipes on a regular basis.

If you have hard water in your home there’s no real reason to worry – but you need to address the problem if don’t want it to affect your hair and skin. I hope this article helps you!